A Recommended Day Trip in Ceret – Fort de Bellegarde

The fort itself is a triumph of Vauban’s military engineering and worth visiting if you have any interest in that subject. Then there are the views across the French and Spanish borders and towards Pic Canigou. Those alone are worth paying the admission charge to see. There is a modern art exhibition in some of the rooms and an archaeological museum dedicated to sites from pre-Roman times to the late 1700’s.

The site is owned by the local community, so ask for a discount if you have a current ‘Pass Patrimonie’. These are available free of charge at about 60 places of interest in French Catalonia. The deal is that you pay full price at the first one and get a discount at all the others.

Note: To see the views, it needs to be a bright, sunny day.  The approach road is twisty, narrow and ends in a car park close to the entrance.  The archaeological and art exhibitions have only French descriptions so, either have a very good knowledge of the language or bring your dictionary.

More details can be found here> http://www.le-perthus.com/

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

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