An awesome gallery we found accidently in Ceret!

Gallery Can Cago

Galerie Can Cago was once a car dealership converted into an art gallery.
The selection of contemporary works on display changes every month and is of great quality, featuring both sculptures and paintings.

This was a gallery which we chanced upon and what a gem it is. Warm and hospitable owner exhibiting fresh and quality art work. Although the gallery is relatively new, I believe it has great potential so do check them out when you are in the area.

Galerie d’art
3 avenue de la gare
66400 CERET

Click here for the gallery’s FB page >

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Travel Tip created by Lina Yeo-Blake

L’ermitage de Saint Ferreol​

Ermitage de St Ferreol

The hermitage of St Ferréol is located 5kms north-east of Céret , on the left bank of Tech. It is 300m above sea level, on a rocky plan accessible from the North essentially.

Perched on a hilltop in the shadows of Pic Canigou, the hermitage is worth the effort to climb. The walk up is not arduous and it is possible to reach it by car. Ceret is visible below and Canigou into the distance. It is definitely worth walking beyond and above where the views back to St. Ferreol and the Alberes with the auto route passing into Spain beyond are dramatic.

The hermitage Sant Ferréol is a place of worship of Céret, in the Vallespir. Built for the relics conservation needs of this Saint, it has been expanded over time to form the complete ensemble that can be seen today. It is both a place of worship and a place of pleasure, ceretans come regularly here to enjoy the good air, calm and sight.

The hermitage consists of a chapel dating from the XIII th century was rebuilt in the XVIII th, the building adjoining the chapel used as a dwelling for the hermit and large buildings built recently to accommodate the crowd of pilgrims. It looks a little, in its structure, the hermitage Notre Dame du Coral . The chapel is quite large, it has a beautiful plastered facade, a large entrance gate whose outlines are brick (and not cut stone, as is the custom), a bull’s eye to bring light and a pinnacle with a single bell.

For more details on walks around this area we suggest you contact the Ceret Tourism Office:

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Archaeological & Heritage Museum – ‘Maison du Patrimoine – Françoise Claustre’


This collection includes artefacts unearthed by the archaeologist Françoise Claustre in the Vallespir area most notably the funeral urns discovered at the Necropolis of Vilanove.

Originally known simply as an archaeological museum, the remit has now extended to encompass a wider representation of the area’s heritage. It also provides educational material on the subject of pre-historic art plus a contemporary art exhibition.

In the shade of the plane trees, not far from Museum of Modern Art, the Heritage House Françoise Claustre, municipal service, has for mission the valuation of Heritage and Archeology.

Important archaeological discoveries on the territory of Vallespir led over the years to the creation of an establishment which was first named “Archaeological Museum of Céret”. He could not find a better setting to settle than the old Tower of the Porte d’Espagne which was totally refurbished by the municipality in 1995.

It will become, in 2007, the Heritage House Françoise Claustre in tribute to the one who, upon his return from captivity in Chad, came to work in Céret and gave this structure a reputation and a particular momentum. An agreement was signed in 2009 between the City Council of Céret and the Regional Service of Archeology for the creation of a municipal archaeological deposit , located on the 3rd and 4th floor.

The building brings together a museum space on the first two levels, an archaeological deposit, under the direction of the DRAC (Ministry of Culture) , associated with a research center for the study of the deposited collections.
Its heritage vocation is defined by guided tours and temporary exhibitions. The educational animation of the museum is done through workshops for young audiences throughout the year.

Place Picasso BP 303 – 66400 Céret
66403 Céret
Tel: +33 (0)4 68 87 31 59


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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Saturday Farmers’ Market in Ceret

The weekly Saturday market in Céret is the most popular in the area. It’s big, it’s dynamic and it’s exciting. If you’re in the area, definitely schedule a Saturday morning for Céret. The Céret market manages to combine the typical Provencal market with a strong Catalonian flavor. The Provencal colors have a Catalan red and yellow bias, and Flamenco music vies with French accordionists.

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Travel Tip created by Lina Yeo-Blake

Shopping for Gifts in Ceret

This is one of the many art outlets/galleries in Ceret exhibiting works from local artists. The exhibitions are on two floors and change regularly. You can buy art, bags, sculptures, and lots of bits and pieces at reasonable prices. Entry is free of charge.

With regular exhibitions, workshops and classes, demonstrations of the different arts and crafts and even music evenings, it personifies the Céret that attracted some of the great artists of history.

Métiers d’Art Sant Roch, Espace Pierre Mau, 4 Bd Lafayette,
66400 Céret. FRANCE.
+33 4 69 87 04 38

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

A Recommended Day Trip in Ceret – Fort de Bellegarde

The fort itself is a triumph of Vauban’s military engineering and worth visiting if you have any interest in that subject. Then there are the views across the French and Spanish borders and towards Pic Canigou. Those alone are worth paying the admission charge to see. There is a modern art exhibition in some of the rooms and an archaeological museum dedicated to sites from pre-Roman times to the late 1700’s.

The site is owned by the local community, so ask for a discount if you have a current ‘Pass Patrimonie’. These are available free of charge at about 60 places of interest in French Catalonia. The deal is that you pay full price at the first one and get a discount at all the others.

Note: To see the views, it needs to be a bright, sunny day.  The approach road is twisty, narrow and ends in a car park close to the entrance.  The archaeological and art exhibitions have only French descriptions so, either have a very good knowledge of the language or bring your dictionary.

More details can be found here>

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Trail running in Vallespir

Trail Run

28th April – 29th April

The last weekend of April will see the toughest trail runners complete a 36km circuit around the Tour de Massane and the Tour de Madeloc, towering high above the Chateau de Valmy in Argelès.

Climbing and descending over 2000 vertical metres, competitors will have to navigate technical mountain trails and even traverse a tunnel just 1.5m high! Not for the faint hearted.

But the event is not only for the top athletes amongst us; with various circuits ranging from 5km to 20km, including a 10km walk, there’s surely a distance to suit all ages and abilities. There’s even a kids race on Saturday afternoon!

Saturday, April 28, 2018
– 9:30 am: Massane Express
– 14h30: Children’s races
– 17:00: 10 km
– 17:15: 5 km

Sunday, April 29, 2018
– 08:00: T2T (36km)
– 09:00: TdlM (20km)
– 9:30 am: Hiking

New in 2018 – la Massane Express
Competitors will race 1 vertical kilometer against the clock to be crowned the first ever sprint endurance champion of the Massane

More details >>

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Travel tip brought to you by Lina Yeo-Blake

Musee d’Art Moderne in Ceret

The museum of modern art of Céret is the fruit of the passages and stays of the greatest artists of the 20th century in the city and its surroundings: Picasso, Braque, Gray, Soutine, Chagall, Herbin, Matisse, Masson, Krémègne then Miró, Tàpies, Viallat, Toni Grand, Bioulès … From Cubism to the School of Paris, from New Realism to Support-Surface, the collection presents an exhaustive panorama of the art of the past century.

The museum created in 1950, by two protagonists of this artistic adventure, Pierre Brune and Frank Burty Haviland, acquired the last twenty years an international dimension. Its status changed, municipal museum until 2004 it became, since January 1, 2005, Public Establishment of Cultural Cooperation, managed by the city of Céret, the General Council of Pyrénées-Orientales and the Languedoc-Roussillon Region.

Temporary exhibitions alternate between modern and contemporary art: they allow a better knowledge of the artistic passages in the south of France and Catalonia, and also open on the international level.

Click on the museum’s website below for a calendar of their events and exhibitions.


Full access (permament & temporary exhibitions)
Adult 8€
Reduced 6€

Permanent exhibition
Adult 5.50€
Reduced 3.50€

Opening Hours

24th June – 1st October, Every day, 10am – 7pm

2nd October – 23rd June, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm

Museum of Modern Art Céret
8, Bd Maréchal Joffre
66400 Ceret – France
T (33) 04 68 87 27 76

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Canyoning with Inextremis Aventura

Canyoning in ceret

Canyon descent in bubbling waters and lustrous toboggans of Anelles located in the Albères massif near Céret, in the eastern Pyrenees (66), not far from Perpignan, Argelès sur Mer and seaside resorts.

The Anelles canyon is an initiation canyon with jumps between 4 and 7 meters, slides and two waterfalls of 26 and 16 meters, and many other obstacles to cross.  Inextremis Aventura offers you a passport for the sporting feat.

This canyon is a true natural canyoning park, it is close to the sea, just 30 minutes from Argelès sur Mer and 40 minutes from Canet en Roussillon, Barcarès, Collioure and Perpignan .

  • Supervised by a canyon monitor graduated from the French state with more than 30 years of professional experience and one of the pioneers of canyoning in the PO.
  • A minibus shuttle is organized between the bottom and the top of the canyon.
  • Equipment: Reinforced canyon combination, harness, lanyard, descender, helmet.
  • Free shoes available (from size 36)
  • Free waterproof camera for the entire group (subject to availability)
  • Free availability on reservation of a GoPro onboard camera (condition: deposit check of 250 € value).

Individual rate (canyoning): 49 € / pers
Group consisting of 5 people and more (canyoning): 45 € / person
Group consisting of 10 people and more (canyoning): 40 € / person
Family Special (1 couple + 2 children ): 40 € / person

Hiking, Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Climbing, Mountain biking, Flowing water
4.8 / 5 based on 393 Reviews

1291 avenue du Vallespir, 66400 Ceret, France
+33 9 80 85 05 65

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Take a walk along Pont du Diable in Ceret

The Pont du Diable on the Hérault River is one of many bridges in France with this name (it means Devil’s bridge).  It is located over a steep-sided gorge, about 4 km north-west of Aniane in the Hérault département.

Constructed by Benedictine monks in the first half of the 11th century, it provided a link between the abbey at Aniane and the Gellone Abbey at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. Though subsequently widened and raised several metres around 1770, it has retained its original shape. Vehicular traffic is now catered for by a newer bridge, from which splendid views may be had of the original bridge and an aqueduct that takes water to the vineyards of Saint-Jean-de-Fos.

The bridge has been listed by the French Ministry of Culture as a monument historique since 1935[1] and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the World Heritage Sites of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France.

At the time of its construction it became the world’s largest bridge arch, being bigger than the Ponte della Maddalena in Italy which held the world record until then. It remained so until 1356, when the Castelvecchio Bridge in Verona (Italy) became the new largest bridge. Damaged during the war of the First Coalition (1792-1797), French general Luc Siméon Auguste Dagobert wanted to blow it up to keep the Spanish army from going back to Catalonia. The bridge was saved just before being destroyed thanks to the action of Representative Joseph Cassanyes and restored later.

Legend has it that the locals wanted a bridge to be built across the river and called upon the devil to build it for them. The devil agreed on the condition that he would claim the first soul to cross the bridge. Once the bridge was built the locals sent a cat across for the devil to claim its soul. Then for many years afterwards no person would cross, just in case – a legend common to many devil’s bridges in France.

Source: Wikipedia

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret
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