Every May Girona covers itself in Flowers for the Girona Flower Festival

12th May – 20th May

Parks and gardens offer free admission (though monument and heritage sites do make a charge so worth checking in advance).

Public buildings and private gardens are decorated with magnificent floral motifs,  created by both professionals and amateurs,  transforming the medieval city into a spectacle of glorious scents, textures and colours.

Don’t miss the Cathedral, San Lluc church, Sant Feliu basilica, San Marti church and the Arab Baths amongst other flower bedecked delights. Many spaces in the old quarter to which the public are not normally invited open their doors to visitors.

It started as a small flower show and competition over 50 years ago, and has grown into a festival of floral decorations of all shapes and sizes.

Huge numbers of visitors are drawn to the Old City to wander and enjoy the decorations embellishing the ancient stones and historic buildings and enjoy the charm and originality of the artistry.

And for anyone interested in Gardens, Girona’s Botanic Gardens at Cap Roig, Calella de Palafrugell are well worth a visit with an added bonus of a fabulous  walk along the cliffs from Callella with  tunnels and small bays adding to its charm.

In 1924 Col. and Madame de Woevodsky built a castle, planted 40ha with pines and laid out the garden passion and vision.

The Gardens run to the edge of the cliffs, glimpses of turquoise Mediterranean jewel like between the pines trees. Some steep paths and tricky steps make it manageable with care for those with mobility issues.

A delightful, sprawling layout with beautiful vistas, hidden paths and surprises at every turn. Lovely picnic area (but no café) with  playground against a stunning backdrop of aqua blue water.

Arrangements of cactus, of iris, of shrubs and flowering trees are works of art, the only danger the temptation to linger too long and miss the plane.

Courtesy of P-O Life

Festival L’Effet Mer, Canet en Roussillon

L’Effet Mer: a successful return for the beach festival in Canet

Over the weekend of 12th and 13th May, L’Effet Mer festival will once again take place on the beach at Canet. This pop-up event will showcase creations from sand art to street art. Over the course of the festival, artists will sculpt, design and create temporary installations before your very eyes. You can even have a go yourself with a series of interactive workshops.

Venue Espace Méditerranée, Canet

Phone: 04 68 86 72 00

Courtesy of P-O Life

Vallespir SkyRace

26th May – 27th May

As part of the Festival de la Montagne, Amélie-Les-Bains Palalda Montalba is once again hosting the Vallespir Skyrace.

This weekend is an invitation for runners and walkers, amateurs, professionals, fan and superfans, en famille, with friends….. to meet up in Amélie and celebrate the mountain, with a series of different levels of races, runs, and wanderings.





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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Travel Tip created by Lina Yeo-Blake

Visit to Port Vendres of the Hermione


20th April to 22nd April

The replica French War Ship “Hermione” will sail into Port Vendres on the 20th April 2018 in a rare presentation for the public.

The historic ship measures 80m long and a little over 10m wide. She can host a crew of more than 90 mariners. Equipped with 26 canons, the original vessel was in service from 1779 to 1793 as part of the Concorde fleet constructed in 1777 by Rochefort.

She famously carried the Marquis de La Fayette to America in 1780, where he joined George Washington in their fight for independence.

The ship will be docked in Port Vendres from 20th to 22nd April open to the public from 2pm to 5.30pm on Friday, 10am to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4.30pm on Sunday, when the boat will retake the high seas.

5€ for adults, 2€ for children, free for under 6s

Office de Tourisme Port Vendres
1 Quai François Joly
66660 Port-Vendres
04 68 82 07 54

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Cherry Festival in Ceret

May 26 and 27, 2018

For over 150 years the cherry has found in this part of the Vallespir a soil and a climate of predilection that give gourmands – the President of the Republic in mind – the joy of tasting the first French cherries from mid-April.

The Cherry Festival takes place in May in Céret in the Pyrénées-Orientales and offers for two days many activities around a large market at the Cherry which brings together all local producers.

Tastings, coring contests or spitting of stones, menus “cherry” in restaurants … the Catalan city sees red and vibrates to the rhythms of bandas and dancers of Sardana.

More information:
Tel: 33 (0) 4 68 87 00 53

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Brass Band Concert in Ceret – HAIDOUTI ORKESTAR


May 05 , 2018 – 9:00 pm

Flamboyant brass, vivid percussion, virtuoso accordion, sweet and racy voice! Here is the equipped Haiduti Orkestar, which has been wandering for twelve years on the borders of the Balkans, Turkey and the East. By co-signing with Ibrahim Maalouf, the Original Soundtrack of Mohamed Hamidi’s film “The Cow” with Jamel Debbouze and Lambert Wilson, Le Haïdouti enters the 7th art. New spotlight at the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival 2016. The Palais des Festivals ignites!

Result of an improbable crossing of French, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Gypsy musicians from Serbia, the Haïdouti shares his love for the music of the peoples, sailing between Kurdish, Azeri, Armenian but also Gypsy and Syro-Lebanese songs. Their 4th album Babel Connexion, to be released on April 28, is the result of this musical babel forged during encounters and trips to the borders of East and West. With its notoriety, the Haïdouti Orkestar consolidates its role of ambassador of a mixed France. At a time when the temptation of community withdrawal is great, the group affirms its willingness to open wide to different cultures. Some erect walls on their borders, the Haiduti himself transcends them.

Union Hall – Céret

Full 15 €
Reduced 13 €
member 10 €
-30 years 8 €

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Trio Alternance Concert in Ceret

29 April 2018

Trio Alternance Concert

Concert organized in collaboration with MusiCultura Vallespir
François-Michel Rignol (Piano)
Pascal Monlong (Violin)
Daniel Brun (Cello)

The trio “Alternance” offers a program of French music with two of the most remarkable works of its kind: Trio op. 3 in G minor by Ernest CHAUSSON, a vast piece in which the influence of César Franck, the admired master, asserts itself. Then the Trio op. 120 in D minor by Gabriel FAURE, a work of maturity and one of the most perfect successes of its kind in the music of the twentieth century.

The three artists are well known on the scenes of the region.  François-Michel Rignol, who teaches piano at the Perpignan Conservatory, is a prominent concert performer.

Pascal Monlong, first violin of prestigious ensembles, such as the “Johannes Quartet” or the “Giardini Quartet”, performs on the international scene and in the biggest festivals.  Daniel Brun devotes himself as a cellist primarily to chamber music and teaching in the Vallespir. They invite you for this program “discovery” of magnificent masterpieces.

More details on the event found here:

Salle de l’Union Céret
7 Rue Lafayette
66400 Céret

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Hidden Gem in Old Town Ceret

Museum of Modern Art in Ceret – JOAN PONÇ : Diabolo

JOAN PONÇ : Diabolo

From March 3 to May 27, 2018
Expositions temporaires du Musée d’art moderne de Céret

Musée d’art moderne de Céret
Joan Ponç (Barcelona, ​​1927 – Saint-Paul-de-Vence, 1984) was a visionary artist, pioneer of the Catalan and Spanish artistic avant-garde of the post-war period. In 1948, he founded the Dau al Set movement with the poet Joan Brossa, the philosopher Arnau Puig and the visual artists Antoni Tàpies, Modest Cuixart and Joan-Josep Tharrats.

This group aimed to boost Catalan art and society. Joan Ponç overturns the criticism that describes him as grotesque, diabolical, tortured, magical … His painting is unlike any other and explores the most secret recesses of the human being.

The exhibition Joan Ponç, Diabolo is an important retrospective that traces all the stages of his work, allowing to measure the coherence and the quality. It also highlights the artist’s links with Céret, where he stayed between 1976 and 1982.
Musée d’art moderne de Céret
8, Bd Maréchal Joffre
BP 60413, 66403 Céret Cedex- France
T (33) 04 68 87 27 76
F (33) 04 68 87 31 92

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