Our Top 10
Ceret Recommendations

Here are our favourite things to see and do in Ceret ANYTIME of the year!
Some are well know, some not so well known.  Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.  They are in no particular order.

1. Musee d'art Moderne de Ceret

Feature works by Picasso, Chagall, Dufy and Dali.  The collection began with pictures donated by artists who had painted in Ceret and then between 1950 and 1957 the collection was given a huge boost by the donation of a collection of 28 pieces of ceramic art by Picasso and 14 sketches, drawn in Collioure, by Matisse.  The museum now has an important collection of modern art works and is well worth a visit.

2. Pont Du Diable

Three bridges span the Tech in Ceret.  The railway bridge, the road, the XIV century Devil’s bridge (le pont du diable). By far the most attractive, it was supposedly built by the devil in 1321 in exchange for the soul of the first Ceretian to cross.  The engineer sent a cat across first but, even so, the locals at the time were very wary of using its single 45 metre arch.

3. Saturday Farmers' Market

Saturday Farmers’ Market (8am – 1pm) is one of the best markets in the region with loads of atmosphere, accordian music etc, and very French.  Although the market is only 15 metres from our front door, bring a shopping basket – you will need it!  Other markets:

Wednesday mornings – Local produce market – Arcades de la place Picasso

Night market ‘Les Vespéralles’ every Tuesday from June to end August

4. 'Chemins Sublime' walk

There is a walk around the town called the ‘Chemins Sublime’ which highlights some of the buildings in Ceret that were painted by the likes of Picasso, Dufy and Soutine and next to the buildings are reproductions of the paintings themselves.  Visit Ceret’s Office of Tourism for more details or use the link above for a copy of the map.

5. L'ermitage de Saint Ferreol

Situated to the north east of Cérêt, at an altitude of 300m, this 13th century chapel had the hermitage added in the 18th century and other buildings added later to accommodate the many pilgrims who came to pray at the chapel of St Ferréol.  You can take a short circular walk of 2hrs plus time to enjoy the scenery and visit the Ermitage. It is suitable for all walkers with a reasonable level of fitness.  L’ermitage de Saint Ferreol seen from the sky in Céret.

6. La Porte de la France

Another part of the old ramparts and one of the original gateways into the town.  Two main entrances to the town were built – this one to enter from France and the La Porte d’Espagne to enter from the Spanish side.   Use this walking guide for a 60 minute Walking tour around old town Ceret.

La Porte de la France

Under the kingdom of Mallorca, the city develops and protects itself surrounded by ramparts.  Two main doors will be opened to allow residents and traders access to their city: one to France, the other to Spain, hence their names.

Dating from the 13th century, this gate is the entrance of the old fortifications of the city by France.  A drawbridge made it possible to cross the ditch.

Inscription Historic Monument

The mansion dates from the 19th century.  Its Italian neo-renaissance facade now houses the Céret media library.

The Place du Barri (renamed Place de la Republique in 1920) is mentioned as early as 1655, for use at city festivals.

7. Font-Romeu

In France, where skiing is a mainstream winter sport – nearly a fifth of the population skis – there are centres of excellence for the competitive skiing disciplines.  The one for biathlon is at Font Romeu. Why there, in a mountain town on the Spanish border, as the crow flies 85 kilometres west of the Mediterranean Sea?

The answer lies in history.  Font Romeu is the second-oldest ski town in France, after Mont-Revard in the Savoie Department of the Rhône Alpes Region near the Swiss border south of Geneva.   The French national centre for biathlon was set up there, as biathlon was and still is the competitive snow sport of choice in the Pyrenees Orientales.  In the summer of 2013, the French biathlon team was in pre Olympic season training there.

Even though the 2014 Winter Games were to be held in Soci, Russia, the Russian team also chose Font Romeu for summer training, both for its biathlon facilities and because Centre National d’Entraînement en Altitude (CNEA) (“National centre for sports training at altitude”) is located there.  Understandably, many top French biathletes are Pyrenees Orientales natives, including Olympic multi-medalist Martin Fourcade, born in Céret.

In winter at FONT-ROMEU

With more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, an altitude of 1800m and an air perfectly pure, Font-Romeu can be proud of its appelation of ‘Climatic and sportive’ resort, and thanks to its 20000 tourist beds (including 1800 hotelier beds), has been named ‘The Queen Resort of the French Pyrenees’.

In summer at FONT-ROMEU

With more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, an altitude of 1800m and an air perfectly pure, Font-Romeu can be proud of its appelation of ‘Climatic and sportive’ resort, and thanks to its 20000 tourist beds (including 1800 hotelier beds), has been named ‘The Queen Resort of the French Pyrenees’.

8. Metiers d'Art Sant Roch

This is one of the many art outlets / galleries in Ceret exhibiting works from local artists.  The exhibitions are on two floors and change regularly.  You can buy art, bags, sculptures, and lots of bits and pieces at reasonable prices.  Entry is free of charge.

Metiers d’Art Sant Roch

9. Beaches along the Mediterranean coast

The following towns on the seafront of the Pyrénées Orientales have many beaches to your liking:


Port Vendres

Banyules sur Mer


Collioure is the star!   Its little harbor with Catalan boats, the chateau and the church dominate the rule over the beaches of the city.  


From the side of Port-Vendres (visit Les Poissonneries de la Côte Catalane if you love seafood like us!) and the Cap Bear are little wild creeks.  The landscapes are magnificent!  Banyuls sur Mer is located in a pretty bay, protected from the wind, in a vineyard and with a vegetation that is worthy of the French Riviera.

Port Vendres

10. Saint Jean Pla de Corts

Love water sports but tired of sand in every crevice?  Follow the wild screams of excitement (and the sign for the Plan d’Eau) to the various water activities or treetop fun at Saint Jean Pla de Corts.  After a morning or an afternoon of thrills and spills, the various restaurants and cafe on the lake awaits for a true ‘pieds dans l’eau’ experience.

Saint Jean Pla de Corts - Cable Ski
Saint Jean Pla de Corts

Seasonal Events in Ceret

In addition to Our Top 10, Ceret boasts a calendar of lively events throughout the year and the following are merely highlights:

The Cherry Festival takes place in May and offers two days of events based around a large Cherry market which brings together all the local producers.  With tastings, stoning and stone-spitting competitions and ‘cherry’ menus in the restaurants, the Catalan town turns red and rocks to the rhythm of the bandas and Sardana dancers.

Music Festival, 21 June – Bands of all genre setup their gig along the streets of Ceret and the free event is enjoyed by all.

Feria de Toros, July – This yearly bullfighting festival, with Bull Run through the streets, market, bands, street entertainment and party atmosphere, is a big event in Céret and indeed in the whole of the Pyrénées Orientales,  but be warned. It is not for everyone!

Le Festival de Sardane, July – Witness the impressive spectacle of the sardane competitions in the Céret arena, with ‘colles’ (sardane dance troupes) from all over Catalonia, dressed in traditional costume and strutting their stuff around the streets of old Céret in between competitions.

You can bookmark Our Guide to Ceret page or follow us on social media to get up to date with What’s On, What to See and Do and Where To Eat and Drink in Ceret.  I highly recommend you also check the Tourist Office listings particularly in the summer months.  

Come and explore this lovely little corner of France for yourselves!

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